If you live in a remote city

Solutions for distance learning

Even if you reside somewhere that does not have a school or association recognized by the DeRose Method Central Direction, you can study and practice to become an instructor holding a university certificate issued by a federal, state, or private university through our extension courses, using the following features:

1.    Register, to stay informed about news and receive invitations to book launches, courses and events.

2.    You can download various webclasses, books and CDs free on our site. Our site does not sell anything, because our work is not commercial. But you can get more material on commercial websites around the world with whom we have link.

3.    Travel whenever you can to attend courses, conferences and festivals in New York, Sao Paulo, Rio, Florianopolis, Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Barcelona, Paris, London and other cities in which they are schools or associations that adopt the DeRose Method.

4.    Take advantage of the trips you make by practicing at a school or association Accredited. On these trips, try to take classes with various instructors to learn more.

5.    Watch the classes with Prof. DeRose online (more than one hundred classes!), free. Watch all of the classes available in the section webclasses.

6.    Maintain direct contact with the systematizer of the Method through the DeRose's Blog (www.DeRoseMethod.org/blog).

So, regardless how far away you live, you are not alone. We have a great structure to help and guide you throughout Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Portugal, Spain, France, England, Scotland, Italy, the United States (including Hawaii) and other countries. The important thing is that you know you are not alone. We, veteran instructors, have been through this and know how difficult it is progress when we are isolated, every man for himself. And, we can testify how important it is to be with this great family that supports us when we need it, giving us all the attention and affection we need to grow within the method and to work as instructors.

Welcome! We are waiting for you with open arms.

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