DeRose Method

A culture based on techniques and concepts that make life better

What is the DeRose Method

The DeRose Method is a high performance lifestyle emphasizing quality of life, good manners, good human relations, good nutrition, fitness and culture. Some of the tools we use are respiratory re-education, stress manage- ment, organic body techniques that improve muscle tone and flexibility, and procedures that enhance emotional relaxation and mental concentration. All of this, ultimately, aims to expand consciousness and self-awareness.

The Method as a tool to change the world

Table designed by Instr. Vernon Maraschin and developed by Instr. Alexandre Montagna.

The techniques enhance the individual, while the concepts provide the means to change the world. The shock waves are produced when setting an example, such as with good habits, and these habits influence, first, the family circle; later, the circle of friends and peers at work, school, and in sports; lastly, the circle of people with whom we casually cross paths with in day-to-day life, including clients, suppliers and strangers.

The techniques by themselves only improve those who chose to formally practice and use the Method's exercises. But the practitioners, when they incorporate the concepts, have the potential to influence the environment around them. Their family and friends eventually end up practicing our Culture without realizing it. It's the husband or wife, son or daughter, father or mother, brother or sister who think they haven’t applied the Method "yet" because they haven't signed-up, nevertheless, they absorbed a lifestyle, a modus vivendi, adopted habits, attitudes, and behaviors that are the core of our Method.

For each person that formally practices the Method, we can find up to ten that practice without realizing it. This is best explained by Instr. Jamile Martins, daughter of veteran instructor Conceição Martins:

"This is the most precious gift passed on to me by my mother, which I later passed on to my husband, my mother in-law, my friends and students and now my daughter."

"The techniques enhance the individual, while the concepts provide the means to change the world." (Prof. DeRose)

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